Castillo del Corazon de Jesus • Dauis, Bohol

Behind the present church and near the sacristy is a hexagonal watchtower with the coat of arms of the Recollects and the date 1774. This tower was commissioned by the Recollect friar Santiago del Corazon de Jesus. It is coeval with the Baclayon belltower, which the Recollects completed after the Jesuits were expelled from the Philippines in 1768. “Locals call the tower ‘castillo del Corazon de Jesus’: possibly after its builder, could it be could it have something to do with the heart pierced by an arrow (symbol of the Augustinians) that appears with the year [when the tower was constructed]” (Jose, 2001: 45).

To visualize properly the position of this tower relative to the church and convento, it must be borne in mind that the present church of Dauis was not standing. Instead the area was an empty space and a free space stood between the tower and the fortification.

The tower has a clear view of the Dauis Strait and presently houses some church bells of which two, dated 1783 are two of the three oldest bells in Bohol, the oldest (1690) is in Calape church (Jose, Ibid.)


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