Watchtowers of Ilocos and La Union

A number of watchtowers still exist in the narrow coast of La Union and Ilocos. Going from north to south the towers are found at the following sites:

  • Ilocos Norte: Bacarra, Viquia or Natba watchtower at Natba Beach; Badoc at Barangay Lingasy;  Currimao at Currimao port (two towers);  Pasuquin at Puyupuyan Beach.
  • Ilocos Sur: Santo Domingo at Barangay Kasili; Sinait; Santiago at Sabangan Cove; San Esteban at Barangay Bateria; Narvacan at Barangay Sulvec; Cabugao at Salomaque. Bantay is a unique tower because it also serves as the bell tower for Bantay Church.
  • La Union: Balaoan at Darigayos Point; Luna, San Juan, and Carlatan a district of San Fernando City, north of the town center.

1 Response to “Watchtowers of Ilocos and La Union”

  1. June 18, 2008 at 1:35 am

    This is just amazing, your information is one of my best resource when it comes to this beautiful structures of the pre Spanish era.

    Please continue what your doing.

    I’ll link up with you and if you find my site worthy, please do so.

    Viva Filipinas!


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